Laneway Learning Melbourne

Out of a tiny little cafe tucked away in a quiet lane way in the heart of Melbourne runs Laneway Learning.

Laneway Learning is the name for a ragtag series of evening classes that first started in Melbourne in March 2012 (and is now in Sydney and Brisbane too!).

Laneway Learning classes are probably unlike any others you have been to. They are super cheap (generally $12), super informal and are taught by ordinary people from the local community; florists teach about flowers, scientists about science and bookworms about books.

Last month I had the opportunity to share a bit of raw food cooking with the crowd.  It was rainy and dark and not much of a night for it – but the cafe was full and we got to it.

Laneway Learning
Laneway Learning


I demonstrated how to cut open a coconut without the need for a machete,  make Almond Milk, my favourite Green Smoothie and finished off with Zucchini Pasta, Marinara Sauce and Raw Parmesan.

Fabulous night with loads of questions and raw food facts… and fiction too!



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