Day 255 – Mango Greenie

Mango Greenie
Mango Greenie

I usually wake up in the morning and start my day with a cleansing lemon juice in hot water, then proceed through the rituals of showering and dressing.  Before heading off to work or study or play I like to whiz  up a smoothie… it is not uncommon to find me slurping down something green in the car on my way to Uni or work…

This is my latest favourite and I am enjoying it lots… perhaps the craving for mangoes is about me missing the warm sun… can’t wait for spring to come… it has been cold.


1 cup frozen mango pieces

1 frozen banana

250ml filtered water

a large cup or 2 of spinach leaves


Place all the ingredients into a blender and blender until the frozen fruits are combined and the smoothie is lovely and green.  Might take a few pulses or shakes of the blender to blend up the frozen banana.

Scrumptious start to the day, energy packed, nutrient packed and delicious.

Ally x

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