Day 37 – Mango Surprise

Mango Surprise
Mango Surprise

Keeping with the Mango theme for another day – mostly to use up the Mango’s piling up in my fruit bowl that are ripening faster than I can eat them…

Today a bit of Mango and a bit of Kiwi and a bit of carrot.

Kiwi’s are an amazing fruit absolutely packed full of Vitamin C (more than an oranges).  Studies have shown these amazing fruits are great for diseases and illness’ of the respiratory tract. (1)  Fibre full and loaded with potassium – kiwi’s are great for you!


1 firm ripe mango (remove pip and skin)

2 kiwi fruits (unpeeled)

1 large carrot (washed, topped and tailed)

Juice all ingredients and enjoy!

I find with my juicer, mango is quite difficult to juice because it is so viscous.  I leave it til last – then tip the juicer tray to allow the mango juice to run through.  A little fiddly – but you get there in the end.

Ally x

Giving credit where credit is due…

This little juice recipe has come from Jack La Lanne’s juicer recipe book!


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