Day 38 – Apple Fizz

Apple Fizz
Apple Fizz

The last few days have been soooo busy…

So busy that I have barely had time to breathe let alone make any food that takes more than 5 minutes to prepare!

My daughters graduation from primary school was tonight and I can honestly say – I was fully ready for this drink when I raced home from work to do her hair and mine, make sure we were both dressed and had everything we needed before racing off to graduation dinner and presentation night.

A little bubbly…  not sure how alcohol fits in to the raw food idealism – but I needed this one!


4 red delicious apples (juiced)

champagne (or you can use sparkling mineral water)

I mixed 2/3 apple juice with 1/3 champagne… this pink bubbly went down a treat just before pre-dinner photos!

Well done Audrey, you looked gorgeous – so proud of you!

Tomorrow… last day of Primary school….

Ally x

Giving credit where credit is due…

This is not rocket science to put this ‘juice’ together but I was inspired by the idea from the Jack La Lannne juice recipe book that came with my juicer.

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