Layered Raspberry Cheesecake

Layered Raspberry Cheesecake
Layered Raspberry Cheesecake

If it always busy prepping for a Raw Food Class – today was no exception… a kitchen tidy… shopping… ingredient preparations… nuts on to soak… seeds sprouting… and of course I love to have a cheesecake on the ready for my class to try at the end of the class – always a good way to finish.

Took me over 24 hours to complete this gorgeously fruity and not too heavy cheesecake and am sure it will be a winner.  It is based on a previously blogged cheesecake recipe Mixed Berry Cheesecake – the only variation is that I have layered the filling and topping.

If you decide to layer the cheesecake – only make half the filling at a time as you will need to allow time for the layers to set and you don’t want your extra filling setting between waiting times…

Give it a try – one of the easiest and most delicious cheesecakes I’ve made 🙂

Ally x

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