Day 303 – Ann’s Energy Soup

Ann's Energy Soup
Ann’s Energy Soup

Ann Wigmore is renown for her establishment of the Hippocrates Institute – a place to go for healing and wellness.

One of her favourite recipes and one she’d have each day was this – Energy Soup!


1 large apple

1 cup Rejuvelac

1/2 cup dulse

1 Tbsp. sprouted lentils

1-5 cups green leaves (buckwheat, lettuce, sunflower greens, parsley, kale etc…)

1/2 – 1 avocado


Simply blend together and serve 🙂

I found the recipe a little bland so I add some cayenne pepper, a sprinkle of chill flakes and an extra handful of sprouted lentils after serving 🙂

Makes you feel very healthy eating this!

Enjoy this simple wholesome recipe.

Ally x

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