Day 267 – Chocolate Banana Thickshake

Chocolate Banana Thickshake
Chocolate Banana Thickshake

You’d think by now that I might be tired of making smoothies… actually quite the opposite, I am really enjoying the ease of making smoothies, they always taste great and give you heaps of energy to get through the morning or afternoon.

This one uses a bit of carob instead of cacao for the ‘chocolate’ flavour.

Ingredients:..makes 2…

1/4 cup almonds (I use pre-soaked and dehydrated almonds – alternatively you could soak your almonds overnight)

5-6 fresh, pitted dates

1 Tbsp. carob powder

2 frozen bananas broken up into 4cm chunks

1/3 cup filtered water


Place all ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth.

You can add more or less water if you like to adjust the consistency.

Pour into glasses and drink away!

Ally x



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