Day 68 – Strawberry and Banana Roll-Up

Strawberry and Banana Roll-Ups
Strawberry and Banana Roll-Ups

My kids love roll-ups so it is always very exciting when I make roll-ups and they beg to eat them straight away… well they can’t this time because I am making lots of raw goodies to take with us camping.I have been camping far too many times when the menu is something like, tinned baked beans, fried eggs, sausages, toad in the hole, pasta and toasted marshmallows…  Camping does not have to mean no more raw food!

So Roll-Ups are first on the prep menu!


2 punnets of strawberries, hulled

2 bananas

Blend together in high until smooth and creamy.  Pour onto 2 lined dehydrator trays.  Dehydrate for 10 hours.  Try to spread the mixture out about 1/8 inch thickness, a little thicker at the edges.

My roll-ups ended up being too thin and cracked – so thicker is better – but it might take longer.  Once dehydrated, you can literally peel off the teflex lining and roll-up and store in cling wrap!

Kids have been begging to eat them… nah nah nah – they have to wait 🙂

Ally x

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