A Perfectly Blended Raw Green Smoothie

Goodbye Trusty Sunbeam and Hello Vitamix

Christening my Vitamix in the most perfect way - a green smoothie!
Christening my Vitamix in the most perfect way – a green smoothie!

I have wanted to get a Vitamix for a VERY long time and could never ever justify outlaying the $$$ (you can pay between $700 and $1000 depending where you buy it from).

I finally bit the bullet and ‘just did it’! And I am so glad that I did!

It was christened with the making of a Green Smoothie yesterday!  My first kale green smoothie made at home that didn’t still have ‘bits’ of kale floating around.

Then today it got a workout making vege juice for breakfast and raw green curry soup for lunch 🙂

Here is my green smoothie recipe:

1/4 lemon, just remove skin

3 kale leaves, destemmed and rinsed

1 apple, quartered

1 frozen banana (or a fresh banana but replace water with ice)

1 stick celery

1 cup water (or ice cubes)

And BLEND… magically after less then 30 seconds you will have a perfectly smooth and perfectly blended green smoothie that totally rocks and is sure to give you a vitality BOOST!

You have served me well little blender...
You have served me well little blender…

Drink straight away to minimise oxidation of nutrients – that way you get maximum benefit of the vitamins, minerals and the all important cancer fighting phytochemicals that you have just whizzed up 🙂

Good bye my trusty sunbeam – it is into the bottom of the cupboard for you… mind you – you have been soooo awesome over the past 3 years – used almost daily to blend smoothies for my kids and I 🙂

Drink well and be well,

Ally x



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