The wheat we eat…


It’s been over 2 weeks since I finished my new recipes and it has been kinda nice to not be racing up to the Health Food shop every couple of days and I’ve found yoga to replace my kitchen frenzies… well mostly.  What I have been exploring though is eating wheat free.

If I was 100% raw, which I am not, eating wheat would most likely not be on the menu very often (although you can sprout it and use it in bread recipes or eat it sprouted for breakfast) but since I often eat a meal a day that is cooked – I often find wheat on  the menu, whether in a pizza base or some pasta or added to vegetarian patties and sausages.

It was a couple of weeks ago that I came across a video by Dr William Davis, a cardiologist who has been studying the effects of wheat on the body  It seems that the wheat we eat today is not the wheat that was eaten 100’s of years ago – or even 100 years ago.  It has been bred to enhance crop production and in the process of creating a high yielding wheat some of the biochemical features have changed.

Tracking the introduction of this wheat against population health conditions, Dr. Davis stipulates that health problems have risen along with weight gain and diabetes since it’s introduction into the food supply.  He has found that by excluding wheat from the diet of his patients they have lost weight, significantly reduced blood sugar levels and have experienced improved clarity.

I was curious to learn more so I ordered the book and now I eagerly await it’s arrival from amazon via the snail mail.  However, in the meantime I have set myself the task of significantly reducing if not completely reducing wheat from my diet – just to see what happens.  OK… sounds not too difficult – after all I have gone raw for a few weeks and I mostly eat smoothies, salads, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds – if I eat something cooked it is usually legumes in a curry or similar – or the family favourite – pizza.  So creation one was a wheat free pizza dough.  The recipe I found included a combination of many grains, legumes and seeds including: millet; chickpeas; pumpkin seeds, arrowroot flour and brown rice.  So much for thinking that my trawling through health food shops for strange foods had ceased – these are just different ingredients to search for and learn about!  The resulting pizza dough was delicious!

So how did I feel after?  Good!  Digested like a dream!

I’ve started scanning packets of this and that and am surprised to see wheat in so many sauces, packaged foods and vegetarian alternative foods.  Quite a new adventure!

Next up was a banana bread made out of coconut flour…  also delicious…

So I eagerly await my book to read so I learn more about what the wheat does and how in the body 🙂

Perhaps I will post a few wheat free recipes instead of raw 🙂

Eat well and be well.

Ally x

For more info on wheat belly go to :

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