Day 226 – Orange Sorbet

Orange Sorbet
Orange Sorbet

OK – so I am now a Thermomix consultant – not that I ever actually wanted to be one – actually I was never even going to buy one – BUT that ALL changed when I used one.

It was only then that I knew this machine was ‘awesome!’  It literally has ‘super powers’ of 10,200 rpm that make my cooking experience even much more pleasurable than it already was…

Tonight – straight from a practice run of my Thermo demos (I know a bit of a cheat – but hey still counts as ‘raw’)…

Orange Sorbet…. which has been totally demolished by my son!  In fact he is asking to make MORE!

Warning – you do a Thermomix to make this recipe…  I am happy to sell you one 😀 … hee hee hee


100g of raw sugar

300g of orange, peeled and quartered

700g ice cubes


In your Thermomix, place sugar and mill 10 sec at speed 9.

Add oranges and 350g ice and blend for 20 secs at speed 10 – gradually increasing from speed 1 to 10.

When blended – add remaining ice and blend for a further 1 minute at speed 10 – use the spatula to keep the ice / sorbet mixture moving and blending.

When lovely and smooth and sorbet like – serve.

I topped our sorbet with Coconut Orange Sugar – perfect accompaniment.

Ally x

Giving credit where credit is due...

The Thermomix ‘EveryDay Cook Book’.

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