Day 173 – Sauerkraut


I have been meaning to make Sauerkraut every time I end up with an overabundance of cabbage in my fridge!

I have never actually had the confidence to do it though – but that all changed last week when Karen showed us how easy it is to do!

Sauerkraut is an amazing probiotic and the homemade stuff can contain significantly more probiotic than a store bought supplement.

It is so easy to make and tastes great!


1 Cabbage

1 Tsp. Himalayan Salt

(I actually used a half cabbage)


Remove the outer leaves of the cabbage and put to 1 side (you will use these later to lay over the top of the cabbage while it ferments).

Finely shred the cabbage either in a food processor or with a mandolin.

Place shredded cabbage in a large bowl and sprinkle with salt.  Using your hands massage the salt into the cabbage and continue massaging until juice starts coming out of the cabbage.  Leave the cabbage to sit for 10 minutes, then repeat massaging the cabbage until it is really juicy.

Pack cabbage into a large jar and press the cabbage down so that juice rises above the cabbage a few mls.  Place the reserved cabbage leaves on top of juicy cabbage and place a weight on top so that the cabbage remains under the juice.  I used a glad bag filled with some water as a weight.

Cover the jar with a clean tea towel and place the kraut in a warm dark spot to ferment for at least 3 days – up to 14 days.

Once ready, store in sealed glass jars and keep in the fridge for several months.

Ally x

More info on Probiotics and Sauerkraut

Giving credit where credit is due…

Thanks Karen for showing us how!

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