Day 35 – Skin Glow Juice

It’s coming up to Christmas and there is lots of chocolates, shortbread and other rich foods being served and given at work…

As much as I resist – this is the Christmas season and a celebration of the year gone… so the occasional chocolate gets eaten here and there.

I figured, it would be good to spend this week focussing on juices to assist with digestion and cleansing the system of these rich foods.

So juice and smoothie week ahead for me.

Today – skin glow.

All recipes require fruit and vegetables to be washed – ends chopped off, stalks removed etc…  I always alternate fruits and veges through the juicer.


1/2 cup parsley

1 cucumber

1 small apple

4 carrots

Juice ingredients and then add either 1/4 cup coconut milk or 1/4 cup soy milk.

I was a little hesitant to add soy milk to my juice – but I bravely did so and sipped at the end product and I can confirm…  All good – was delicious!

Ally x

Giving credit where credit is due…

When I purchased my Jack LaLanne Power Juicer – it came with a few recipes and this was one of them.

A brief work on Jack – amazing man!

A brief word on his juicer… it manages to get a lot of juice out of the fruit… not as robust a juicer as I want – but I am a novice at juicing and as a first machine I am pleased but think I can get better.  The spout attachment is quite flimsy and I actually broke the first one within the first week or so of buying the juicer – I then had to ‘import’ a new one for about $25.  I couldn’t find a retailer in Australia.  In fact I buy a lot of stuff on line and I bought the juicer online also.  A simple process but if I had actually looked at one in the shops I would’ve immediately noticed that the juicer is not all metal – even though it looks metal in the pictures.  The top is obviously plastic – but the middle section which appears metal is actually plastic and after the first few washes the rims ‘metal’ coating has washed off.  I can’t fault the motor – it goes hard and very well – unfortunately though – 1 year later – I am dying for another piece to break so I have an excuse to try a different juicer.


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