Day 18 – Sun-Dried Tomatoes

These are a lovely crispy snack you can eat on the run, or you can add to salads, or even add to other dishes like pasta sauce and soups.

You do need to have these in the dehydrator for 12 hours – so can’t be made in a flash.  If you do not have a dehydrator, use may use an oven as long as you can control the temperature and ensure it does not go over 118 degrees (around 47 degrees celsius).  After 118 degrees, the heat begins to destroy the nutrients in your food (vitamins, minerals and enzymes).

Sun Dried Tomatoes


8 tomatoes (you can use any variety you like)

2 Tbsp of dried Italian herbs – I used Bragg 24 herbs and spices seasoning

4 Tbsp cold pressed extra-virgin olive oil

2 Tbsp agave nectar

1 Tsp sea salt


Rinse the tomatoes well and slice thinly.  Toss tomotoes together with the rest of the ingredients.  I use my hands to really get the tomotoes drenched in the marinade.  I find that there is plenty of marinade – as I next lay the tomatoes on a non-stick drying sheet I take care not to drench the tomatoes too much as that will mean longer in the dehydrator.  Once laid out place in the dehydrator at 115 degrees for 12 hours.  Turn the tomatoes over onto the screen after 6 hours to help speed up the drying process.

Once completely dry, store in an airtight container for up to 2 months.  This recipes makes about 2 cups.

A great ingredient to have handy in your pantry!

Ally x

Giving credit where credit is due…

Thanks Doreen and Jenny for your Sun-Dried Tomatoes recipe from ‘The Art of Raw Food Living’.

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