Day 3 – Dating a Banana

This morning was a newbie for me!

And it proved an absolute winner with my boyfriend who then came up with the name for this smoothie.

Getting Ready


4 pitted fresh dates

1 banana

1 cup filtered water

1/3 cup almonds

1/2 cup of ice

Blend until smooth and serve.

This tastes wonderful, the dates give it a real sweetness… like chocolate (apparently)…

This banana is ready to date

Well, it has been a massive day and I am about to hit the sack. It’s 11.37pm as I am writing this post and I have just finished working on a Project deadline and remembered that I had not blogged today – so here I am.

Tomorrow, I am excited because I know I have a few hours up my sleeve and I am planning making sun-dried tomatoes (some of which will be used in my delish flaxseed crisp bread to go with my hummus dip next week – YUM I can’t wait).  I am also putting together an awesome Thai Lettuce Wrap that is so zesty and wholesome that you could easily eat it everyday for a week without getting bored!

Catch you tomorrow… night Ally x

PS:  Chickpeas still on the soak!


Giving credit where credit is due…

Thank you Alissa Cohen of ‘Raw Food for Everyone’ for your ‘Mudslide’ recipe.  I must admit I have not tried many recipes from your book – but the ones I have tried have been GREAT!  I really want to try the Chocolate Torte!  Would’ve love more pics in your book – but hey – let’s see how I go trying many of your recipes this year.  Thank you for sharing your raw food passion 🙂

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