Day 77 – Acne Juice

Acne Juice
Acne Juice

OK – the title of this little blog isn’t that enticing – but if it cures acne… perhaps worth trying daily for a few weeks – especially if you have a big event coming up and want to look your best.

I have been trying out a few different juice recipes from Sandra Cabot’s, ‘Raw Juices can save your life’ and thought I’d share the love and health benefits.

I actually didn’t have any watercress or dandelions leaves available for this recipe – perhaps I should’ve because – woahhhh that garlic hangs around after šŸ™‚

Love it šŸ™‚

1 medium carrot

1 stick celery

1 medium beetroot with leaves

1/2 cup watercress

2 dandelion leaves (or parsley or spinach)

Thin slice of ginger

1 clove of garlic (optional) – do it!

1 slice fresh pineapple


Wash all ingredients, leave skin where possible and juice!

This is like eating vegetable juice with garlic bread – not unpleasant – just different – keep the parsley on hand to much on after to ward off the garlic that hangs around.

Much love and clear skin…

Ally x

Giving credit where credit is due…Tah heaps Sandra Cabot




One thought on “Day 77 – Acne Juice

  1. I’m quite lucky as I get a lot of dandelion leaves in my garden so I tend to use them a lot in my juice recipes as they are free.

    One of my favourite recipes is cucumber, celery, kale, apple and dandelion leaves, very good for skin and yummy too.

    Debbie Gale

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