Day 11 – Beetroot Salad

Beetroot Salad

OK – I am refreshed and feeling up to getting on with dinner.

Refreshed means – cleaned up the house after kids dishes and what not everywhere – done the dishes – washing brought in off the line – load in washer hung out and next load on – and I feel as if I can actually tackle food now!

Tonight – as promised – I am using the beetroots (well one of them at least).  Now I must just say that upon checking the harvest I happened to notice that my beetroots were actually starting to grow above the ground – it actually looks like the bulb part is going to sit above the ground – it is early days yet and I have never grown beetroots before – in fact never seen a beetroot grow before – but I had always thought that beetroots would be buried somewhere way under the earth.  Perhaps not!

The other amazing thing about my limited knowledge of the beetroot is that I honestly did not know that you could eat beetroot without cooking it first.

I had grown up eating beetroot out of a can, I think perhaps once or twice mum had boiled it up in one manor or another, but I had certainly not ever eaten it raw.

This recipe is so great – it brings out the salt and vinegar lover in me… My favourite chips ever, growing up were salt and vinegar and this recipe is like eating salt and vinegar chips only fresher and crunchier and with avocado yumminess.

This recipe makes 2-3 side dishes – I have tried to eat the whole lot for a meal but it is a little much!


1 medium (peeled) beetroot – either grated or thrown into the food processor to chop finely

1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar (I use Bragg’s – available only at Health Food Shops)

1 small avocado roughly chopped

Pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt


Combine all ingredients and serve as a side salad.

I reckon I will have mine with a Lentil burger – the big fella can organise himself a steak on the BBQ or something – and I think I will make a tad of gorgeous greek salad to accompany my dinner!

Perfect end to a rather large and stressful week at work!

Ally x

Giving Credit where credit is due…

To the lovely one who posted this recipe on the internet some months ago – thank you – I love it and have eaten and enjoyed it lots and know I am so much the healthier for your post.  X

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